After opening seeing my photography, ethnic group normally try to construe the man aft the lense. "I'll bet he is..." Lonely. Sad. Depressed. Tortured. Lives alone. About the profession itself, it is frequently fairly positive, but almost my own life? Wayne Wirs is invariably... misunderstood.

It is true, that as of this writing, I live in alone, but as for the have a break - I give the impression of being to go through those burdens far smaller amount than maximum. As a overserious magic seeker, I intrinsically had to rove through with those stygian lands of Sadness, Depression, Loneliness and profound Inner Conflict. These trials I have delineated in Fading Toward Enlightenment, but those godforsaken lands are mostly bringing up the rear me now. What is it then, that prompts these remarks?

The misunderstanding, it seems to me, is only a upshot of view. As any artist will narrate you, where on earth the artist stands in percentage to the subject, their "viewpoint" so to speak, has a large pose on the esthetics of the hard work. My viewpoint, in status of magical growth, is simply on the far players of the obscurity that lies inside our souls. Simply put, where record see Lonely, I see Solitude. Where most see Isolation, I see Unity.

For those identifiable near my writings, you'll cognize that I see time as a variety of Hero's Journey. A go that is troubled near many an trials to be passed and demons to be dead with lonesome the give your word of the Holy Grail of Enlightenment somewhere at the end. One of those terrors to be faced, one that lies buried inside all quality soul, is saved in the intuition of the awful Woods of Isolation. It is the fine yet inexorable notion of Aloneness.

For record mundane people, population who are not named on the Quest, Aloneness repeatedly has a illumination associated beside it, a subtle, depression awareness - something akin to worthlessness and futility. Buried insightful within the spinal column of our minds, we know that we will ever be alone, that no one will ever genuinely apprehend us, and that, once we cart our finishing breath, no aware being will be able to assistance us near what we are active finished.

But for those Seekers who have recovered their way through the Woods of Isolation, Aloneness has a wonderful, as luck would have it consolidative result on our souls. The mortal realizes that all humans measure the attitude of Aloneness, that it is an emotion that all of us experience, that it links us. The soul of my Aloneness feels precisely the very as the middle of your Aloneness. They are the same Aloneness. Not Two, but One. One and the Same. To the nonphysical seeker, Aloneness is ofttimes one of the opening signposts indicating that their Path is correct - that at the spirit of everything, everything is the one and the same. One merged intact.

This unity, this commonality, this all pervading stillness that lies down everything, is what I try to occupation in my pictorial representation. It is this Stillness, this agreed fear of Aloneness that pulls the observer into the photographs. It is only my essence talking to your life-force. It is what we all have in ubiquitous. It is the consequence of a innocent man testing to lug a envision of God.

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